'A mini documentary series where I'm jumping into the fashion industry. But also not really.

I'm a photographer and director and due to the pandemic I had to think and create in alternative ways. So here I am with my photos printed on clothes and bold enough to call it a Clothing Line.' 

Still in the making!

7 girls fight for their survival in the creative industry. Not all will succeed but some will live out their dream career. Within the two years this documentary series takes place you will see the inside of their everyday life as freelancers , how start-ups have to fight their way up, how to promote your own work, learning and advancing new skills, seeking inspiration and finding your own place in the market. 
One director & script writer 

One indie pop artist

Two clothing designers & entrepreneurs 

One pop artist

One model

The filmmaker of the entire documentary series herself.


A documentary following an artist, Tomas Einarsson, on his way towards his very first exhibition. The storyline takes a closer look at the journey from when something is just an idea before it transforms itself into the finished result. An exhibition is where someone opens the door to someones fantasy. A thought in an artists mind, open for anyone to view and interpret. This times it was called "A spectre is haunting the world". 

Tomas Einarsson has studied acting for three years and has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from Goldsmith University of London. He now resides in Oslo where he works as a contemporary artist and curator for Gallery MAP. Tomas tends to intellectualize art and his work contains mostly counter-cultural aesthetics where the materials used have an intrinsic function. He transfers a great deal of symbolism, object-tools and specificity from counter-cultural aesthetics, into an open and neutral contemporary art context. This opens up greater possibilities of subjective investment from the audience.